On 13 September 2015 a memorial to the victims of prisoners of war camp Fukuoka-2 will be unveiled in the Japanese city of Nagasaki. Among the prisoners of war were a few hundred young Dutch navy men and soldiers of the Royal Dutch East-Indian Army who were captured in March 1942. Initially interned at Makassar, they were transferred to Nagasaki in October 1942, where they were forced to work in the shipyards. 41 of these Dutch prisoners of war died in captivity. The survivors returned home in the course of 1945, many not before December.

What’s especially unique about this memorial is its origin: it was initiated by Japanese citizens, and financed by Japanese and sponsors from the countries involved. With this lasting monument they openly acknowledge and commemorate the suffering of the prisoners of war and their relatives during and after WWII. The unveiling ceremony will be attended by Fukuoka-2 survivors, relatives of former Fukuoka-2 prisoners of war, Japanese citizens (among whom school children) and representatives of the governments involved.

Today a school is situated on the site of Fukuoka-2. Being erected in the schoolyard, the memorial will be a permanent symbol of acknowledgment, and will thus contribute to a factual recording of history, and to reconciliation.

The memorial will be unveiled in the presence of survivors, family and relatives of ex-POW’s, Japanese citizens - including scholars- and representatives of the different countries involved (UK, USA, Australia, Netherlands and Japan).

The unveiling ceremony and its significance will be documented in a video-report and a booklet in Dutch, English and Japanese. Both reports will be made available for educational purposes related to WWII, to historical and museal institutions and to all involved and interested.

These activities are made possible by donations from the ‘Corts Foundation’, the ‘Oorlogsgraven Stichting’, the Stichting ‘Timotey Baker’ and by individual gifts. The ‘Karel Doorman Stichting’ and the Dutch Ambassy finacially contribute to activities by the Dutch delegation related to the ceremony.

For more information please see: www.aggelen.com/fukuoka

Also on FB information is provided related to Fukuoka-2 and the ceremony: https://www.facebook.com/fukuoka2B?fref=ts



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